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Scott Centric 10ft #5

Scott Centric är snabba spön som genererar höglinhastighetmed stabila linbåfar och grym linkotroll. Centric serien ger lågt efterslag i toppen och ger med kombination en den flexibla toppen och den i övrigt styva klingan en fantastisk feedback som man uppskattar som fiskare. En spöserie för alla fiskesituationer, den hanterar presentationer lika bra som distans kast. Ny teknologi med tätare fiber densitet och ny lack gör klingan ännu lättare än tidigare modeller. Fantastiska spön som vi verkligen kan rekomendera!
Tillverkare: Scott
Lagerstatus: Beställningsvara (3-10 dagar*)
Artikelnr: 018457
Leveranstid: 1-3 vardagar
9.999,00 kr
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Scott Graphite and Fiberglass Rod Original Owner Warranty
Scott design rods for high performance and build them to last a lifetime. Sometimes things don't go as planned and you break a rod. It's for these occasions that we warranty Scott flyrods and have a dedicated rework department of rod craftsmen.

Scott guarantees every registered fly rod and blank, we warranty rods with a serial number greater than 35,000 (produced later than ~1994). Thread colors may vary from those on the original rod. Discontinued cosmetic options and components will be replaced with their most comparable equivalent.

The Scott Lifetime Warranty applies only to the original owner of new graphite and fiberglass rods, and the rods must be registered within 30 days of purchase to apply for the lifetime warranty, or you need to have a valid sales receipt from the purchase. All rods who apply for the Scott Lifetime Warranty will be repaired against a Handling Charge on EUR45 / USD 60 / NOK 350 / SEK 400 / DKK 350 / GBP 40 / CHF 55. The HC covers the shipping back and forth between the dealer and us and the handling of the rework.

Introducing the European Scott 6 month unconditional warranty against manufacturing/material defects: If a rod has a defect that can be traced back to the manufacturing, we offer a 6 month unconditional warranty for the original owner of the rod. This means that we will do the rework at no cost, and we pay the shipping back and forth between your dealer and us. This warranty only applies to those with a valid sales receipt with a date from the purchase. Only the sales receipt is accepted as approved documentation for the 6 mouth warranty.

Unregistered, and rods with no sales receipt or resold rods are not covered by these warranties. The warranty does not cover loss or theft, loss or damage caused by transportation such as airlines, UPS, FedEx, US Mail, intentional damage, or damage from neglect, Normal wear and tear issues and cosmetic issues will not be repaired under warranty (such as scratched blanks, scratched reel seats, worn grips, worn ferrules etc.)

We offer to help doing rework on Scott Flyrods that not apply to the warranty condition described above against these charges: EUR 190 / USD 250 / NOK 1450 / SEK 1650 / DKK 1450 / GBP 160 / CHF 230 for shipping back and forth between your dealer and us and handling per rod

In addition we charge: EUR 17 / USD 23 / NOK 130 / SEK 150 / DKK 130 / GBP 15 / CHF 20 per guide re wrap, ferrule refit, grip repair or reel seat repair

EUR 85 / USD 115 / NOK 650 / SEK 750 / DKK 650 / GBP 70 / CHF 100 per tip or midsection replacement EUR 150 / USD 200 / NOK 1150 / SEK 1300 / DKK 1150 / GBP 130 / CHF 180 per but section replacement.

Scott Graphite and Fiberglass Blank Original Owner Warranty
Scott blanks carry the same warranty as our built rods, but we do not warranty the components or labor contributed by the customer rod builder. Broken sections built from blanks will be replaced by unfinished blanks. Please remove any components on broken sections prior to returning the broken rod.

Scott Split Cane Warranty
Every Scott bamboo rod comes with a warranty that covers defects in materials and workmanship for one year from the date of purchase. This warranty is valid for the original owner only. Any modification and/or repair other than by Scott will void your warranty.

Which rods will not be covered by the Scott Lifetime warranty Rods that have been resold, are not registered with Scott within 30 days of purchase, were purchased from any source other than an authorized Scott dealer, or have a serial number lower than 35,000 (built prior to ~1994) are not covered under the Scott warranty, and will be charged a fee for repairs.

How to return a Scott rod

Return the complete rod (all sections) to the dealer where it was purchased. If the rod was not registered on FFE’s web within 30 days after purchase make sure to include copy of the original receipt. The dealer will ship the rod to our repair center.

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